The SCAS Talks Podcast
SCAS TALKS Episode 40 – Jeremy Mumford: ”The untold story of Beatriz Coya - a microhistory of a marriage in Cuzco in 1565”
SCAS TALKS Episode 39 – Michael Watts:  ”Oil and its afterlives: the past and the future of oil in Nigeria”
SCAS TALKS Episode 38 – Sohini Ramachandran:  ”The human genome as a historical text”
SCAS TALKS Episode 37 – Maria Ågren:  ”Gender and work”
SCAS TALKS Episode 36 – Michael Goodhart: “The complexity and contradictions of human rights”
SCAS TALKS Spotlight - “Opening the Ivory Tower Wide”
SCAS TALKS Episode 35 – Rebecca Earle: “How the humble potato has travelled the world and shaped history”
SCAS TALKS Episode 34 – Janette Boughman & Maria Servedio: “New insights into speciation: collaboration between a mathematical modeler and an empirical biologist”
SCAS TALKS Episode 33 – Helen Anne Curry: ”Endangered maize: industrial agriculture and the crisis of extinction”
SCAS TALKS Episode 32 – Karsten Paerregaard: ”Climate change, climate perception and water management in Peru”
SCAS TALKS Episode 31 – Susan Pedersen: ”Balfours in love and trouble”
SCAS TALKS Episode 30 – Shalini Randeria: ”Looking at citizens and state relations in India through the lens of displacement”
SCAS TALKS Episode 29 – Susanne A. Wengle: “Black earth, white bread: a technopolitical history of Russian agriculture and food”
SCAS TALKS Episode 28 - Barak Kushner: “What do war crimes trials in East Asia tell us about the history of justice?”
SCAS TALKS Episode 27 - Jessica Abbott: ”Evolution of sex chromosomes and (the importance of) science communication”
SCAS TALKS Spotlight – “Beyond Advanced Studies: Interdisciplinary Theory and Research Careers” – part 2
SCAS TALKS Spotlight – “Beyond Advanced Studies: Interdisciplinary Theory and Research Careers” – part 1
SCAS TALKS Episode 26 – Ash Amin: ”Infrastructures, habitats and slum lives”
SCAS TALKS Episode 25 – Troy Day: ”From educated guesses to accurate predictions: modelling of the pandemic”
SCAS TALKS Episode 24 – Michael J. Puett: ”Rethinking the world by considering Chinese history”
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